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"Hosa Belaku" in The Name of Dr. Rajakumar

We are responsible for recognizing those who are talented and economically deprived of those who can not take it out and make them the greatest artist. We are responsible for identifying senior artists and helping them or their families if they are financially in trouble. This requires your cooperation and assistance. You need to mind first to help then pay. Need help or call to receive help

The Natyaalaya team has launched a new project called ‘Hosa Belaku’ to capture the cultural responsibility of talented poor artists who want to carry out Bharatanatyam and music tests for free.
The Natyaalaya Charitable Trust will cover the burden of over 100 poor artists every year under Bharathanatyam, Kathak, music, and Western dance.
This project is being implemented in association with the country’s leading artists.

Natyaalaya team Members will be able to take full advantage of these 100 artists.
We are launching this project because we need to be able to work under the Hosa Belaku and the Kannadigas should not miss out on the opportunity.

We are collaborating with KDSOA & DaMaKa. 
So only those who feel that this project is not a misuse of the project should be contacted. If the artists who call us have the appetite to be able to achieve, they should not have the attitude of being free to try.
Never mind that one hundred bad artists are not selected, but do not be fooled by a good artist.
So let’s get a new chance in the lives of artists. Those who want to be selected under this scheme And those who want to help our organization immediately call us. Details on the phone will be given to 98452 12345. And if the artists or artists’ contexts are in a hurry, we would like to help them Share until talented artists arrive.

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This call is only for 90 members who wantsto help Artist - most welcome

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