B-Boying Dance Classes in Bangalore

B-Boying Dance Classes in Bangalore

Natyaalaya Institute Bangalore by Mr. Dinakar now introduces various fusions and props of belly dancing which can be done at the beginner’s level. Usually drum solo is done in most belly dance schools after completing either the intermediate stage or advanced stages of belly dancing. But ‘drum solo’ in itself is so attractive and interesting and is usually every belly dance artists calling that we have now introduced a course in basic drum solo which can be done right after the Beginner’s course. It was something that just had to be done as almost 90 percent of our beginner level students just want to learn ‘Drum Solo’ and keep asking when their time will come to learn this beautiful part of belly dancing. So on popular demand we at Natyaalaya Institute Bangalore by Mr. Dinakar launch “BEGINNER’S DRUM SOLO”.

B Boying, also called break dance is a street dance, which shows the attitude of the dancer. Our institute is the right place for those who just want to set themselves free. Our B Boying dance classes in Bangalore is a huge hit amongst the people. Famous for its attitude this dance form is emerging as a new craze amongst the youth. Trainers in our institute not only specialize in this dance form, but they excel in this field.

The training sessions in our B boying breaking dance in Bangalore are a massive hit amongst the young generation. Students from all over the place are enrolling in our institute because we at our institute guarantee customer satisfaction. We offer dance classes for all age groups and at all levels.

Our B boying breaking dance in Bangalore classes is also offering a complimentary dance class to make you obtain rich experience of this dancing form. We offer our classes on flexible timings to make sure that no dance lover is left untrained of his favorite dancing style. A student can take both the classes without wasting .

Students from different age groups can enroll as the number of seats is limited. The trainers in our institute teach different forms of b boying like windmill, air flare, handstand, headstand and many more. Since this dance form may cause injuries our institute use safety mattress and also ensure the use of all the precautionary measures.

B-Boying Dance Classes in Bangalore

B Boying is a dance form which requires a lot of aggression so bring that fire out to our institute.

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