Classical Vocal classes in Bangalore

Classical Vocal classes in Bangalore

At the Academy, vocal teachers with a good track of academic and performance experience, take the students on a rewarding journey through contemporary and classical learning streams. The unrivalled tuition helps in developing their vocal skill and confidence. The voice lessons are unique with emphasis on what each individual student requires in terms of technical ability.

With performance opportunities, they gain varied experience in singing, stage presence and related professionalism. The skilled teachers focus on a vastly broadened musical genres in addition to the student’s preferred one. All the vocal music classes including the preparatory program for kids cover the key areas of singing, such as breath control, intonation, range, posture, diction, and performance.

The Academy encourages its vocal students to learn theory, to mainly improve their sight-reading. The vocal training curriculum is quite intense, combining classroom experiences with performance opportunities at every level, and challenge the students to become mature artists, capable of making their own impression in music.

The slots for singing lessons are in great demand and students who desire to pursue voice lessons will have to first appear for an audition at the Academy.

Classical Vocal classes in Bangalore

Teaching musical instruments like GUITAR- KEYBOARD-DRUMS-VIOLIN-TABALA- FLUTE-VEENA-VOCAL classes is collaborated and carried out in a specific way as NATYAALAYA has been enrolled under TRINITY UNIVERSITY (A London based university) Students are trained from certified faculty from TRINITY UNIVERSITY itself. And the students are subjeted to pass different grades.

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