Our Team


Mr.dilip is a freelancer of bollywood and freestyle dance well known for his bollywood and freestyle choreographies and handles juniors and senior batches in natyaalaya.


Mr. John is a well-known bollywood and freestyle choreographer renowned for his work all over Bangalore. And he handles junior and senior batches in natyaalaya.


Mr.Rahul gaikwad a contemporary and jazz specialist profounded and certified by trinity university is one of the finest trainers in natyaalaya.


Mr.Rohith is also a freelancer and is a bollywood specialist. He is well known for his choreographies in the industry and handles collective batches in natyaalaya.


The master of Locking-N-Popping Mr.Uday is a well known hip-hop, Bollywood, and Lyrical Hip-Hop Choreographer and one of the best masters in natyaalaya.


Being a finalist in “SYE” reality show suvarna channel fame, Mr. Vijay is a famous bollywood and hip-hop teacher. Renowned for his work in most of the TV channels.


Mr.Vinod is a well known salsa dancer in this industry well known for his couple salsa choreographies He is one of the best teachers in natyaalaya.


Mrs. Aruna very well known trainer of frees style and hip-hop dance forms. And she classes for both juniors and seniors


Mr.Chalapathy is a freelancing bollywood choreographer who is very special in his choreographer and is also a hip-hop trainer.

Miss Yamna

Miss. Yamna very well known trainer of hip-hop dance forms. Fond of her performance in many progrmmes, she conducts classes for both junior as well as seniors


Mr.sanjay is a budding choreographer who is always determined on choreographies of freestyle and folk dance is also a best trainer of bollywood.


Mr. Mohammed a freelancing bollywood dancer is best known for his bollywood choreographies hailing from doddaballapur a rural talent


Mr.Shashank the best B-Boyer of Bangalore is very well known for his B-Boying Skills. And he handles all B-Boying Batches in natyaalaya.

Mr.Shashi Acharya

Mr.shashi acharya is basically a freestyle dancer best at choreographing freestyle for both seniors and juniors at natyaalaya.


Mr.Venky the best bollywood & Freestyle dancer is a budding choreographer and handles both juniors and seniors in natyaalaya.

Mr.Vijay Shetty

Mr. Vijay shetty is a most renowned bollywood dancer in this industry and is well known for his reality show choreographies the best teacher for bollywood and freestyle.